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Justice League of Oregon

Our story

We started as a grass roots movement for secure and fair elections. To boldly question the unquestionable. What are the candidates rights during an election? What are the election laws that can help protect the candidates and voters rights? Join us on our journey and learn about the fight. 


Electronic voting machines from a leading vendor have software vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers if the weaknesses are not addressed promptly, according to a report from a top U.S. cybersecurity agency.

"When barcodes are used to tabulate votes, they may be subject to attacks exploiting the listed vulnerabilities such that the barcode is inconsistent with the human-readable portion of the paper ballot,” the advisory says. 

To prevent hacking, election officials should conduct rigorous pre- and post-election testing on the machines, conduct post-election audits, ensure machines are always secure, and encourage voters to double-check that their ballots are readable before scanning, according to the report. These measures must be implemented before each election, the advisory states.

During the 2022 primaries, screenshots of votes going down by thousands on a Memorial weekend Sunday at 4:30am for the Metro 2 race in Oregon. Who is changing/updating the votes at that time? Also, why were over 60% of the ballot barcodes faulty for Clackamas County? Why did the county allow people in the election office prior to office hours? Why did the county upload wrong numbers to the Secretary of State's website? Candidates are allowed to ask these questions during an election, file a complaint, request to do a risk-limiting audit, and full recount of the ballots. 

The Secretary of State and Clackamas County Elections office denied all the requests, violating the rights of candidates under Oregon statutes as well as civil rights of the candidates. Denying the rights to redress and recourse of grievances. A case was filed in US District Court in Portland. Read about our case here.

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